SaaS Sales Metrics: In The Funnel (Full List) 

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In this video, we cover ‘in the funnel’ metrics, the SaaS sales metrics for when the meeting is already booked to your calendar. The numbers will give you the answer, so pay attention to them.

Saas Sales Metrics To Measure Based On Deal Stages

1. MQL: Marketing Qualified Lead

In this particular context, we define MQL as a lead that is booked on the calendar.

2. SQL: Sales Qualified Lead

A lead that moves from an MQL to an SQL, meets the BANT requirements.

3. Disqualified Lead

When a lead does not meet the BANT criteria, it is disqualified. At this point, you can delete it from your CRM or mark it as ‘disqualified’.

4. Nurture Lead

When a lead doesn’t meet all the requirements at the present moment, but there is still potential to sell to them in the future, they become a “nurture lead”.


Nurture leads can be taken over by the marketing team to send them marketing emails, run regular check-ins, and follow up.

5. Post-SQL

Since every product is different, it’s up to you to determine what the next logical step will be. Depending on your product, your lead may move to a demo, the proposal-sent stage, demo, or a POC.

6. Contract-Sent & Negotiations

During this stage, the contract is sent and a negotiation is being made. Don’t forget to measure how many of your post-SQL’s are converting into “contract-sent”.

7. Closed Won

This happens when the deal is closed and the lead becomes your client.

8. Closed Lost

This happens when the deal is closed and the lead decisively declines.
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