3 LinkedIn Connect Messages That Convert

What are the 3 common styles of LinkedIn connect messages? What are realistic benchmarks for measuring your invitation requests?
Listen and read on to find out what the common LinkedIn connect messages are and what numbers you should really be aiming for. Which ones will you try using next?

For our beginner’s guide to LinkedIn lead generation, check out this blog article we wrote.

3 Styles of LinkedIn Connect Messages

1) The Generic Invite Message

LinkedIn Generic invite message

Generic messages are simple:


Example 1: “Hey John, just looking to expand my network. I would love to be a part of yours.” 


Example 2: “Hey John, just looking to connect with others in my field. Can we connect?”

This style has a 25-40% connection rate and despite its simplicity, it can often be effective.

2) The Targeted Invite Message

Specific LinkedIn invite message
If you are sending a connection message to a lead from a targeted lead list, you can take advantage of what you know about this lead and include that in your custom message.
These messages will look more specific and unique to each individual, such as:

Example 1: “Hey John, just wanted to connect with other CEOs and founders in Irvine that are VC-backed.”

Example 2: “Hey John, saw that you are a part of SaaS Daily group on LinkedIn, looking to connect with like-minded individuals.”

These personalized messages can be quite effective because they speak to a detail of the other person, which can capture their immediate attention.

However, personalized messages can only be done when you have a specific and targeted lead list on hand. For help creating targeted and qualified lead lists from a proven lead qualifying checklist, book a call with us.

3) The No-Invite Message

Invitation message on LinkedIn without a personalized note
Surprisingly, connection requests without any invite message attached can actually generate a positive connection rate.

Oftentimes, when people see a message attached to a connection request, they’ll automatically expect an incoming sales pitch. 

Alternatively, the lead might quickly mentally categorize your connection request as one that they will read later, thereby skipping your request and accepting the invites with no messages instead.
By sending a connection request without any message, you can successfully bypass these two automatic assumptions.
Now that you are aware of the three types of LinkedIn connect messages, you can experiment with them and see how each of them impact your connection rates. We’re curious to see how these tips help your LinkedIn outreach goals.
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