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Why You Need Outbound Sales

Outbound sales - Selling enterprise products to executives are difficult to reach

You are selling enterprise products to executives who are difficult to reach.

Scalable, reliable, and consistent source of leads

You need a scalable, reliable, and consistent source of leads.

Explore using other channels because building inbound takes time

You need to explore using new channels because building inbound takes time.

We book meetings, you connect with industry leaders:

and more...

Our Success Is Based On Five Proven Principles

FiveRings Marketing is based on five proven principles

Never assume anything – Extensive research into buyer personas, market trends, and competitors drive our outbound strategies.

Precision powers scale – Every lead matches your buyer persona, and when scaled up, it becomes a revenue-generating machine.

Excellence in, excellence out – The level of excellence we input into our sales efforts directly determines the results we achieve.

Method over madness – We apply sales psychology principles to create relevant messaging that resonates and converts.

Rapid Experimentation and A/B Testing Drive Results – We thrive on rapid experimentation, A/B testing, and quick iteration to continually improve and achieve exceptional outcomes.

What's Included?

LinkedIn Outreach

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    12+ meetings/ month

  • tick

    Personalized messaging at scale

  • tick

    A/B Test + Strategy Optimization

  • tick

    Handle all responses, objections, follow-ups, and scheduling

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    Open communication through Slack, email, and phone

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    CRM setup and integration

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    Dedicated Account Manager

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    Pre-qualified lead lists using AI intent data and other signals

Cold Calling

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    8+ meetings/month

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    Pre-qualified lead lists using AI intent data and other signals

  • tick

    Call scripts and personalized emails at scale

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    Track results | A/B Test | Optimization

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    Daily training and coaching

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    Biweekly performance check-ins and open communication with BDR manager

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    CRM setup and integration

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    50+ dials per day | 1000+ dials per month

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