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Enterprise SDR For Your B2B Sales Needs

We hire, train, coach, and manage enterprise SDRs (Sales Development Representatives).

Your SDR will drive leads and appointments, so you can close deals and grow revenue.

Outsourced SDR For Your B2B Sales Needs​ | Offered by Fiverings Marketing

B2B companies across many industries trust FiveRings

It takes a long time to hire good salespeople that ramp up fast and stay at your company.

Here’s why B2B companies outsource SDRs to grow their sales pipeline.

  • SDR 1

    Save money for what matters most
    Outsourcing SDRs lets you cut costs, not results.

  • SDR 2

    Get your sales done right
    Benefit from a proven system with well-established processes and industry expertise.

  • SDR 3

    Daily bootcamp
    SDRs engage in daily training and coaching sessions, with ongoing experimentation.

  • Turn it on and off as needed
    Scale endlessly without any heavy lifting on your side. Use the service when needed and easily terminate it as your demands change.

Take a Look at the Exceptional Results Achieved by Our Clients

Health Analytics Platform | Five Rings Marketing

$325KOpportunities generated in two months for a health analytics platform

Digital Solutions Provider | Five Rings Marketing

$500KIn total revenue generated over 9 months for a digital solutions provider

AI Manufacturing Company | Five Rings Marketing

$1M+In sales for amn AI manufacturing company, and more with client expansion

Insurtech | FiveRings Marketing

91Qualified meetings booked in less than 10 months for a 6-7 Figure Deal Size Insurtech

Mental Health Mangement Platform | Five Rings Marketing

184Qualified meetings booked in 6 months for a mental health management platform

Kubernetes Platform | FiveRings Marketing

60%Monthly growth in leads for a Kubernetes platform

What’s in it for YOU?

Enterprise Sales Development Representative services | Fiverings marketing

Enterprise SDR

  • tick

    10-12 meetings/month

  • tick

    Sales Qualified Leads ready to talk to your team

  • tick

    SDR training bootcamp conducted by FiveRings

  • tick

    A/B Testing + Strategy Optimization

  • tick

    Biweekly performance check-ins and open communication with SDR manager

  • tick

    Full tech stack setup - CRM setup and integration

  • tick

    Live access to reporting dashboards

  • tick

    Continuous training and coaching with SDR Manager

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