5 Best Cold Email Strategies In 2023

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5 best cold email strategies in 2023

Picture this:


Imagine Business Development Representatives (BDRs) as modern-day detectives in the world of cold emailing.

Like skilled investigators, they gather information and build a compelling case – a case that ultimately leads to winning over potential clients.
Just as detectives take their time to look for clues, BDRs gather insights about their prospects, slowly crafting a convincing narrative: the cold email.
As the correspondence unfolds, BDRs aim to uncover hidden truths and discover how their offerings align with the prospects’ needs. With each interaction, they edge closer to solving the case: winning the prospect as a customer.
In this analogy, the process of cold email outreach becomes a strategic investigation, with BDRs playing the role of detectives, piecing together the puzzle of successful client acquisition.
Do you want to become a skilled cold emailer?
Let’s dive right in and find out.

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Cold Email Meaning

Cold email is a method to introduce yourself to someone through email, even if you haven’t met them before. It’s similar to introducing yourself to a stranger.
The goal is to establish a connection and create intrigue and interest in you, your product, or your company.

To make the email more engaging, it’s important to do some research beforehand and personalize it.

And while you hope they’ll read your email and respond, it’s okay if they don’t; you can always send a friendly follow-up message later.

Cold emails are designed to determine if the recipient might be curious about what you’re offering. Just like making a new friend, you’re reaching out in the hopes of making a connection.

Below are 5 Cold Email tips to give you your best shot:

5 Best Cold Email Strategies

1. Use A Proper Email Structure And Format – Always

Keep your emails as concise, clear, simple, and easy to read as possible.
Follow this simple format:
  • Short subject line
  • 5 – 6 sentences MAX
  • Sentences are short and concise
  • White space between sentences
  • ONE clear call to action (CTA)

A properly formatted email would look like this:

2. Avoid Subject Lines That Sound Too Salesy Or Markety

The subject line is like the title of your email. It is the first thing prospects will notice about your cold email. Therefore, it needs to be interesting so people want to open it and read it.
A good subject line is relevant and makes them curious enough to open the email. Use words that make them want to know more.

“Introduction?” and “Intro?” are typical subject lines that get high open rates. However, you should also be experimenting with other types of subject lines.

Take a look at this BAD example:

Now look at the revised version:

Good Example of Email Subject line when sending cold emails 1

Here’s another BAD example:

Bad Example of Subject line when sending cold emails 2

And here’s its revised version:

Good Example of Email Subject line when sending cold emails 2

3. The First Line is AS Important as the Subject Line

The first line is the preview of your cold email. It’s like a virtual handshake between you (the sales rep) and the prospect.
It typically consists of 6-7 words at the beginning of the email copy.
A good first line in a cold email is important. If it’s interesting, the reader will want to open the email and read more.
The first line helps you stand out from the usual ‘hi’ messages and shows that you’ve done your homework. You can ask an interesting question, share a cool fact, or talk about something your prospects care about.
This line is important because it establishes relevancy and creates intrigue – it’s make or break.
A good first line looks like this:

4. Send Cold Emails At The Right Time

send cold emails at the right time
The best time to send cold emails to your prospects is at the right time, and it varies between each industry and role.
There are also other factors involved, such as
  • Time zones
  • Working hours
  • Time of the year (summer, winter, holidays, etc)

A lot of research has been done on finding the perfect time to cold email prospects. Here’s what research from the past two years says:

Best Days And Times To Cold Email In 2023


Days: Tuesday and Thursday, closely followed by Wednesday
Times: between 8-11 am in the recipient’s time zone



Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, respectively
Times: 6 am, 8-11 am, and 4-6 pm in the recipient’s time zone



Days: Tuesday, Monday, and Wednesday, respectively
Times: 9-12 pm and 12-3 pm in the recipient’s time zone


Days: Thursday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, respectively
Times: 8-10 am and 1-3 pm in the recipient’s time zone

5. Avoid Big Words (Jargon), Keep It Simple

Cold emails have to be short and easy to read because think about it:
When you get an email from someone you don’t know, you might hesitate to open it. If the email is really long with big paragraphs, you might just close it and not read it again.
But imagine you do read it and it takes you longer than expected. And if the email has complicated words, it takes even longer to go through it all. It’s a waste of time!
If you send emails like this, your prospects might feel the same way. It’s tough for them to reply, and it’s tough for you too.

While it’s best to avoid using jargon, it can sometimes be a good idea to use some to establish credibility or to speak your customer’s language, but use it sparingly.

Free Cold Email Templates

A good cold email instantly catches your prospect’s eye, is relevant to the prospect, and opens up a conversation.

Template 1

Subject: ‘But it lies’ (NOT SALESY)


That’s usually the feedback that we’ve gotten from talking to other leaders in Aftermarket and Field Service that have attempted to use ChatGPT to give advice on how to conduct repair visits and improve customer experience. (PROBLEM- Identify a pain point)


Leveraging their own AI virtual advisor using their specific in-house expertise (manual and human knowledge from decades of experience) is giving companies a real competitive edge – without the lies. (AGITATE- Agitate that pain point)


Steve, is using an AI virtual advisor for field service something on your radar, at all? (SOLVE-Offer a solution)


[Your Name]
[Your Job Title]
[Email Address]
[Social Media Links]

Template 2

Hi David,


Wrestling with biomedical data to get it ML-ready can take up a lot of valuable time and resources. (PROBLEM)


We clean and curate public data and provide it in ML-ready format to solve this: (SOLUTION)


1800+ single-cell datasets, 451 different diseases, and 39,000+ bulk RNAseq datasets across 2660 diseases – all FAIR data. (CREDIBILITY)


Is that a relevant conversation worth exploring further? (CTA)



[Your Name]
[Your Job Title]

Mastering The Art Of Cold Emailing

Cold emails can be a powerful way to connect with great prospects and achieve your sales goals.
The journey of mastering cold email strategies is an ongoing one, where rejections are not setbacks but stepping stones toward eventual success.
By writing attention-grabbing emails, using catchy subject lines, making emails personal, avoiding jargon, and sending emails at adequate times, you can improve your cold email game.
Every cold email is an opportunity to make a meaningful connection, spark interest, and pave the way for valuable relationships.
If you need help improving your cold email outreach or need to create one from scratch, we can help.
We’ve been helping B2B tech companies go to market successfully and drive revenue for years.

Book a meeting with us today to get started.

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