SaaS Sales: 5 Best Strategies For 2023

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The world of B2B SaaS sales is super competitive and it’s always evolving.
Because it is growing quickly, it can be difficult to know which sales strategies will be most effective in the future.
To win in this tough environment, SaaS startups need to differentiate themselves by offering:
  • Unique value propositions
  • Outstanding service to customers
  • Adopting the latest technologies and strategies
The current post-COVID era has had a lot of changes in the SaaS Sales Industry.
At the same time, the state of sales has changed: more layoffs and fewer investments. These issues have salespeople looking for more effective ways to use their resources and generate more sales.
In this post, we’ll discuss the top five SaaS sales strategies that are proven effective in 2023.

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Top 5 SaaS Sales Strategies In 2023

1. Personalize Your Sales Outreach

Personalization is key when it comes to closing deals in SaaS sales. Personalizing your sales pitch can help you increase your conversion rate.
Most B2B buyers expect vendors to personalize their approach.

As customers’ demands change, the need for personalization is a must in 2023. Salesforce data shows that 72% of business buyers expect vendors to personalize engagement to their needs.

If you want to personalize your sales efforts, you’ll need to collect data on your prospects. Examples include:
  • Toughest pain points
  • Company initiatives, plans, or risks
  • Active job postings from the company
  • Prospect’s interests outside of work

And then use that data to create targeted messaging that resonates with them. If you want to learn more about personalizing your sales pitch, check out our 4-Step Guide To SaaS Prospecting For Tech Leaders.

Even though it’s becoming popular to use AI tools for sales outreach, keep in mind that personalization still needs a human touch.

Prospects nowadays know when the “personalized message” is just some generic info put in a sequence. They can also notice when a salesperson actually took the time to personalize the message.
Stand out from the crowd by taking the time to do your research and find creative ways to personalize your message.

2. Use The Power Of Social Selling

Social selling is a very useful strategy but a lot of SaaS startups still do not use it.
Some of them don’t understand how to effectively use social media for sales. Others prefer to stick to what they know, using their traditional sales methods.
What they don’t know is that social selling can establish trust and credibility which will make it easier to close deals.
As an SDR or AE, you’ll need to build a strong personal brand on social media. Make sure you focus on the following:
  • Engage with your prospects
  • Start conversations
  • Nurture your pipeline
The best way to start with social selling is by mastering the basics:
Making more thoughtful comments on LinkedIn, starting more relevant conversations, and posting insightful content.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Social selling is not about replacing cold calls or emails. Instead, it’s using the power of social media to help you build trust with your prospects.

The goal is to become a thought leader in your space and build meaningful relationships that can end in a sale.

3. Early Adoption Of Sales AI Tools

With the rise of AI and machine learning, AI tools are becoming increasingly important in SaaS sales.
Nowadays, sales reps can use AI tools such as:
  • Smart dialers that help them make more calls per hour (CallMarker)
  • AI Writers that help reps draft better cadences (CopyAi)
  • AI systems that automatically fill CRMs based on emails and calls (Dooly)
… and many more that are currently being developed.
The goal is to have your sales reps focus more on tasks that require a human touch, like nurturing relationships and qualifying leads. You can do that by automating repetitive tasks such as lead scoring and follow-up emails.
The number of tech companies using automation and AI in their SaaS sales process is increasing every day. To succeed in sales, investing in the right tools and technologies is no longer an option. It’s a must.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Remember, AI isn’t meant to replace your sales team. Instead, it’s there to help them work smarter. AI can take care of boring administrative tasks, freeing up more time for your team to focus on activities that actively generate revenue.

4. Having A Dedicated Customer Success Team

Customer success is expected to become even more important in the coming years. A good customer success strategy helps you increase retention rates. Plus, it helps you generate more revenue from upsells and cross-sells.
Retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones.

Keep in mind that retaining customers is 5 to 25 times cheaper than acquiring new ones. This impacts sales as the majority of revenue for SaaS startups is generated through MRR (monthly recurring revenue) and ARR (annual recurring revenue).

Customer success has become more critical, as customers continue to demand more value from their SaaS providers.

To retain customers, your entire company needs to be customer-obsessed. This means paying close attention to the customer journey, from identifying them as potential customers to onboarding them.

Here are two ways you can become more customer-obsessed in 2023:
  1. Free product training, especially if your product is complex and has a lot of features
  2. Complementary consulting sessions, in areas that impact your clients’ goals
Additionally, it’s important to not only prioritize their needs but also make decisions that are in their best interest.
The key to having a culture that is customer obsessed is building long-term relationships with customers. Providing personalized solutions helps you a lot. Make them feel valued and cared for. That will increase loyalty.

5. Outsource Your SaaS Sales To Boost Revenue Growth

Sales outsourcing means hiring people from outside the organization to assist with certain sales tasks, like LinkedIn prospecting, cold calling, list building, and closing deals.

Hiring outsourced SDRs can be really good for your business. It’s less expensive and provides more flexibility to improve your sales process. It’s more simple than you think and we can help you choose the right outsourced SDR for your SaaS business.

Sales outsourcing can save up to 70% of labor costs.

More and more companies are choosing to outsource parts of their SaaS sales process. It is a cost-effective and efficient way to scale up sales operations while minimizing costs.

With an outsourced SDR, companies don’t have to spend money on hiring and training an in-house team. Outsourced SDRs tend to have a lot of experience in sales, which is helpful for SaaS companies to increase their revenue quickly and more efficiently.

Use The Right SaaS Sales Strategies To Close More Deals

Use The Right SaaS Sales Strategies To Close More Deals
SaaS sales is a rapidly evolving industry, and it’s important to find creative ways to stay ahead of the competition.
Investing in the right tools, technologies, and people is necessary to stay ahead of the curve and drive more sales.
By focusing on personalization, social selling, the use of AI tools, customer success, and sales outsourcing, you can position your company for success in 2023 and beyond.
FiveRings Marketing can give you a dedicated BDR who we will train and manage. This BDR helps you book more meetings and move more leads down the funnel.

One of our clients, Axiom, needed an inbound and outbound BDR to tackle incoming leads and create new cold opportunities.

FiveRings’ BDR delivered 184 qualified booked meetings in a 6-month period. In addition, 86% of all meetings were successfully moved down the funnel.
Let’s work together to help you reach your revenue goals.

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