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4 Creative Ways To Build Qualified Lead Lists on LinkedIn

How do you improve the quality of your lead lists? How do you find common ground to connect with your prospects? LinkedIn has a few features built into its platform to help you build better lead lists.


We want to share with you a few creative ideas to help you increase your connect rate and response rate and book more meetings with qualified prospects. 

4 Tips for Generating Quality Lead Lists on LinkedIn 

1. LinkedIn Groups

Evaluate each group based on the following criteria:

  • The group matches your product niche or category 
  • The group members are part of your target audience
  • The group has at least a few thousand members

Make sure you qualify and save the leads that match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Your connect message might look something like:

“Hey Michael, we’re both part of this group. Looking to connect with like-minded individuals. Let’s connect.” 

2. LinkedIn Events

Getting an attendees list for in-person events and conferences is hard. LinkedIn allows you to see the attendees as long as you are attending an event.


Look up events in your field that relate to your product. Connect with the attendees and take advantage of using the commonality of attending that event to start the conversation. 

3. Reach Out To Past Employees Of Your Current Customers    

Send them a quick and simple message:

“Hey Michael, I saw you transitioned from [X] company to [Y] company. I’m sure you remember using this tool. I wanted to have a chat about potentially introducing it to your new company because it helped you with [X, Y, Z]. 

Past employees of your current customers are warm leads because they are already familiar with your product. You have a higher chance of booking a meeting with them. 

4. Target Ex-Employees Of Your Competitors 

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to employees working at a new company and not using your competitor’s product in their new role. 

    The message to start the conversation can be as simple as:

    “Hey Michael, we’ve built the [competitor’s name] for smaller companies.” 


    “Hey Michael, we’ve built the [competitor’s name] for your industry.”

    Bring up your product and see if they want to use it in their new role. It is a relevant point to touch base on. At least, the chances of engaging in a conversation with you are much higher.


    Start getting creative with your lead lists. Targeting leads based just on titles and keywords is not enough. Find common ground with the leads you will be reaching out to. 

    Once you have built your quality lead lists, you will need effective connect messages to engage with your leads effectively. If you feel lost and need to change your prospecting approach, check out our blog on 3 LinkedIn connect messages convert.

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