How To Create An Ideal Customer Profile In Four Steps

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We’ll walk you through a simple, but effective four-step process to build your ideal customer profile (ICP).

Step 1: Understand your B2B ideal customer profile

Find out what problems your customers have. You can look this up online or read articles to help you make a list of all the tough things they deal with. Even if your product can’t solve all these problems right now, write them down.

Step 2: Select the pain points your product can help solve

Look at your list and pick the problems your product or service can help with. When you know what problems you can fix, it’s easier to figure out how to do it.

Step 3: Identify the benefits of relieving these pain points

Think about what happens when these problems are solved. What good things happen? Maybe it saves your customer time, or they use less effort and resources. Maybe they even make more money.

Step 4: Understand the emotional value of the benefits gained

Think about the good feelings your customers get when their problems are solved. Does saving time let them work more on their business? Does your product make them worry less and feel more secure? Can it help them be more confident and have fewer headaches?
By following these steps, you’ll know exactly what your customers need and how to help them best.
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