SaaS Prospecting: A 4-Step Sales Guide For Tech Leaders

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Imagine the following scenario:
Your team dedicates time to finding the right prospects for your platform so they can sell your product to your target market.
They use Google search, look them up on LinkedIn, and send the same automated message to all the possible prospects, hoping to get someone interested in a meeting.
Time goes by, their efforts haven’t paid off as they forecasted, and they are unsure how to identify and target the best personas for your product.
That is what selling without a guide to SaaS prospecting looks like.

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Defining Sales Prospecting

Sales prospecting is identifying clients for your business’s products or services. What does this mean?

It is about finding prospects who need your products and turning them into customers. If you need to build a B2B customer profile to help identify your prospects, check out our 4 Step Guide to a B2B Ideal Customer Profile.

Here are a few methods you can use to prospect for SaaS companies:

  • email
  • cold calling
  • SMS Messages
  • LinkedIn
Tools like Sales Intel, Zoom Info, Apollo, etc. help research the right prospects and fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads.

Here are 4 Steps To Do SaaS Sales Prospecting The Right Way

1. Research Your Prospect To Determine Proper Fit

This is probably the most important step when doing sales prospecting.

Look into LinkedIn Groups that relate to your product. Ex. If you have developed a manufacturing software, search groups that share information about manufacturing trends, events, news, etc.

LinkedIn Groups for SaaS prospecting
Look for information about how long they have been at the company, past experiences, job descriptions, etc. This will help you determine their familiarity with your product and its value.
Your research will help determine whether or not you can provide value to them.
You have to make sure that you are choosing the right prospects to improve your business’s chance of success in converting them to customers.

2. Prioritize Your Prospects

Dedicating your efforts to those most likely to become your customers will save you time and money.
You want to prioritize your prospects depending on your type of business. Most importantly, you need to group them into different categories based on their interest and likelihood to buy.

TIP: Prioritize your prospects based on these key four indicators:

Prioritize your SaaS prospects based on BANT indicators
  • Budget: Is there a price fit? Do the prospects have the budget to buy your product? What is the perceived value of your product?
  • Authority: Are you targeting the right audience? Are you trying to reach the right decision-makers in the right market?
  • Need: Does your product fit the potential buyer? Do they require this product?
  • Timeframe: How much time will the prospect have to make the purchase? When are they looking to solve their problem? Is the prospect considering buying another product?

You can learn more about these indicators and additional ones to consider for your B2B sales process by clicking here.

3. Personalize Your Pitch For Each Campaign

To draft a personalized pitch for your outreach campaigns, divide your prospects into groups based on common likes and interests:

Group A: Companies hiring for a Salesforce role in the health tech industry.

Group B: SaaS companies hiring for a People & Culture role.

Group C: Industrial manufacturing companies hiring for a Digital Transformation role.

Grouping your prospects help you personalize your campaigns at scale, which allows you to create meaningful and relevant relationships with them.
You don’t need to dig into your prospects’ lives and interests to get their attention. You can research your prospect’s role and their company to find hidden jewels that will help you prepare a great pitch to get their attention.
A great first pitch makes a good impression and increases your chance of getting to the next step of the sales process. It doesn’t always have to be an elaborated message to convert prospects.

If you want to learn more about different sales pitches, here are some examples of  LinkedIn Connect Messages That Convert.

Consider these tips when reaching out to prospects for the first time:

  • Personalize your message by identifying your prospect’s problem and providing an accurate solution.
  • Show a genuine interest in solving their problem by asking what their needs are.
  • Speak your prospect’s language to ensure they understand your product’s value.
  • Share a few product reviews or client testimonials as proof of why your product is a great fit for them.
  • Keep the conversation as natural as possible.

KEEP IN MIND: SaaS prospecting should never sound like you are selling something. It’s about creating a mutually beneficial relationship between your business and the prospects.

4. Identify The Rights And Wrongs In Your SaaS Prospecting Process

Tracking your prospecting process is important for better control of your sales outcomes.
You can identify the reasons behind common issues like prospects not converting and the stage in which prospects are no longer interested in your product.

If you want to know which metrics to track in your prospecting process, check out this guide on SaaS Sales Metrics to Measure.

As you move through the prospecting process, you might find yourself engaging with prospects in two ways: outbound prospecting and inbound prospecting.

Outbound vs Inbound Prospecting

Why Is SaaS Prospecting So Important?

HubSpot has found out that more than 7 out of 10 buyers want to hear from salespeople early in the buying process, making it more likely for them to respond.

HubSpot also states that 82% of buyers accept meetings when a salesperson reaches out to them first.

Sales prospecting gives you qualified prospects. These prospects would solve their problems by implementing your product into their business.
Prospecting helps you focus on the quality of prospects instead of the quantity of prospects. It can be difficult, but it is an effective way to get your product in front of the right people.
Now, it’s time for you to practice the tips and tricks mentioned above.

However, if you need to dedicate your efforts to other parts of your business, you can book a call with us and let our experienced sales team do the prospecting for you.

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