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A 4-Step Guide On How To Sell A SaaS Product

You’ve got a disruptive solution you’ve been working on, perfected into the tech product you have today. 

All you’re missing is the key, the blueprint on how to sell software so that you can get your innovative product into the hands of interested buyers. 

Selling your software solution doesn’t have to be long, drawn, complicated or difficult. 

This one page alone, in under 5 minutes, we will show you four simple steps you can follow to close more deals with potential buyers.

How to sell a SaaS product

Learn How To Sell Software in Under 5 Minutes

Step 1: Choose An Outreach Channel, Or Multiple Channels

The three best tried-and-true channels for outreach are the following:

  • Cold-calling
  • LinkedIn
  • Email

If you’re debating whether you want to do lead generation internally or outsource this service, we recommend reading this article on whether you should hire or outsource.

Outreach channels to sell software

Step 2: Find Your Leads

Create an account on a database that will help you find leads, primarily emails. Here are some of our suggestions:

Other resources you may use to find lead info include Google or going on Fiverr and having someone make a lead list for you.

We go more in-depth on lead generation for SaaS companies in our blog here.

Using databases to find sales leads

Step 3: Reach Out To Your Leads

If you use email as your outreach approach, the best practice is to keep it short and simple. By simplifying your message, you ensure that your email actually gets read.

For the subject line, we recommend a straightforward title such as “(Your company name) – (Name of prospect)”.

For the body of your email, it can be as simple as:

“Hi John,

I noticed that you’re (job title) for (company name). We help people in your position do (fill in the blank). Is this a conversation you’d like to continue?”

If you use LinkedIn as your outreach channel, you should be following the same rule of thumb of keeping your messaging short and simple. 

The difference with LinkedIn, is you should have more of a conversational tone of voice. More casual, a little less formal. For free LinkedIn invite messaging templates, check out our free resource here.

If you are cold-calling, your main goal in the call is to discover whether the person you are talking to is facing a problem you can solve. If this is the case, you can proceed to set up a meeting with them.

Pro Tip: Resist the urge to pitch right away, unless they ask you to. Pitch when it is the right time, not as your default in your initial interactions.

Reaching out to leads to sell software

Step 4: Pitching And Following Up After The Demo

Think of your meeting as an extension of a cold call. 

In the cold call, you previously learned that there’s a potential problem you can solve. In the demo, this is where you dig deeper. 

Talk about what their business model is like, what challenges they are facing, and have an honest discussion on whether you can help them with their challenges. 

If you find that you can help them with their challenges, you can begin to talk about pricing. 

At this stage, they will most likely say they have to discuss this with their team or their partner. If they don’t mention this, you are free to ask them if this is something they have to go back and discuss with other decision makers.

The important part in this stage is to set up a follow-up meeting before your current meeting with them ends. 


Part of the sales process is to plan out each next step and guide the customer along the way. 

By setting up a follow-up meeting, you display your intention of solving their problem and you show that you are serious in helping them. If they aren’t willing to set up a follow-up meeting, it is likely they aren’t too serious and there’s a low chance of closing this sale.

As much as anything can be simplified into short and easy steps, the process itself does require time, training and experience. 

If you want to skip the hassle altogether and have a team of specialized sales professionals do it all for you, let’s have a chat. It’s what we do best.

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