FiveRings Marketing - Helping B2B Tech Companies Go To Market


  1. Onboarding session where we dive deep into your product, value props and target market.
  2. Over the next week, we build detailed buyer personas, personalized messaging sequences, and targeted lead lists.
  3. Review all deliverables with you and launch campaigns.
  4. Monitor KPIs and optimize as necessary.
  5. Meet with you weekly to review results, recommendations and next steps.

  • Our responsiveness and communication. Working with us is like having your own in-house team.
  • Our experience working with clients across several industries.
  • Our knowledge and understanding of complex technology products.
  • We test different personas and messaging to help you figure out your ideal customer profile.

You can reach our team anytime via phone, text, Slack and email. We meet weekly to discuss results

We’ve booked meetings with CEOs, CMOs, COOs, CISOs, VP/Head/Directors of Engineering, Data, HR, Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Operations, Information Security, Manufacturing and many many more.

We’ve worked with clients who have products in engineering, IT, cybersecurity, supply chain, data/analytics, proptech, healthtech, HR tech, manufacturing and many more.

All strategy is based in Canada, and implementation is a mix of local and offshore teams.

We are month by month.

From onboarding to launch is 1 week. It takes 2-3 months until full ramp up.

Most of our clients have ACVs (annual contract value) of $100k+. For our services to provide a positive ROI, your ACV must be at least $30k.

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