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Outsourced SDR To Help You Increase Sales

Outsourced SDR offered by Fiverings Marketing

Save yourself the trouble of finding, interviewing, hiring, and training qualified sales professionals with an outsourced SDR. 

With FiveRings Marketing, you get an experienced SDR working with you to grow your business faster and more efficiently.

Why Choose FiveRings Marketing?

why choose FiveRings Marketing

Dedicated SDR Package

Service Package
4-week onboarding process to interview and hire your SDR
FiveRings SDR Training Bootcamp
Targeted lead lists based on your ICP
Cold calling, email and LinkedIn outreach strategy
A/B Test Messaging to qualify for better lead lists
Keep track of B2B sales metrics
Log all meetings into your CRM
Attend all internal SDR or pipeline review meetings
Weekly meetings between SDR and SDR Manager
First calls to qualify SQLs before handing them off
Use our tech stack - HubSpot, Salesflow, SalesIntel, Apollo, LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Want to scale your business without spending too much money?

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