How To Close A Deal With 4 Simple Tips

You may know there’s always tips, techniques and best practices when it comes to anything in this world. The same applies for B2B sales and closing deals. If you’re looking for tips on how to close a deal, you’ve come to the right place. The following tips you’re about to learn are tried and true ways successful sales professionals put to practice to close more deals. Read on or watch the video above to learn these industry best practices!

4 Industry Secrets on How to Close a Deal

1) Turn on your camera

Now it may be tempting to convince ourselves that showing your face isn’t necessary when most of the physical work seems to come from verbal interaction. 

However, in the business of fostering a new relationship with a prospect, having your camera on and showing your face has its hidden benefits.

Turning your camera on is beneficial in these three ways:

1. The prospect will remember you better by putting a face to a name.

2. Showing yourself on camera helps build a genuine relationship with the other person.

3. People trust people they’ve seen.

Trust us. It’s been proven in statistics and research. So it’s time to comb that hair back, put on your nice shirt and hit that ‘on’ button. No one will judge you for your cat video-bombing your meeting midway through. It’s 2022, there’s nothing we all haven’t seen.

2) Structure your meeting to the 20-10 rule instead of going straight into your pitch

Sales professionals make their biggest mistake when they focus too much on themselves (their product and all of its shiny features). 

They make their mistake when they dive right into their pitch without taking the time to truly understand their customers’ needs first. 

The first step to the 20-10 rule is to spend 20 minutes understanding the customer’s needs and pain points. Take this time to understand your prospects better and ask a lot of questions to understand them better. Be curious. 10 minutes should be all that’s required to talk about how your product can help their needs.

3) Take lots of notes

It’s easy to go into a meeting and attempt to wing it without much note-taking. 

The reason why you should be taking more notes throughout the meeting is because the information will help you with your customized proposals and with your follow-ups. 

Essentially, thorough note-taking is setting yourself up for success later. 

4) Establish a timeline and set next steps

In the final minutes of your meeting, ensure you know what your next action items will be. 

For example, if your prospect needs to speak with their team before they can get back to you, set a tentative meeting with them. It is much easier to reschedule a meeting later, if needed, than to set a new meeting entirely. 

Do this before your meeting ends to ensure that both you and your prospect know what your next steps are.

Now that you have uncovered some of the best sales practices for how to close a deal, remember these tips for your next sales meetings. 

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Be sure to bookmark this page so you can refer back to these four tips the next time you have another sales meeting. If you find this helpful, you can share this article with a friend or colleague who can also benefit from these tips.

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