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Four Sales Presentation Tips To Close More Deals

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Good listening skills are the key to any successful sales presentation. The following tips will help you become a better listener:

Four Tips For Active Listening During A Sales Presentation

1. Paraphrase what your prospect is saying back to them

Whether your prospect has an objection or a question, repeat what they said back to them, in your own words. By doing this, you are asking for clarification for your understanding, and confirming whether or not you catched their intended message.

2. Ask questions

A good rule of thumb is to be asking more questions than you are necessarily talking or selling. And when is the right time to ask questions? If there is any point that seems vague or needs a deeper explanation, that’s a good time to ask questions.

3. Practice labeling

Label a situation, putting into words the way you understood it. Your prospect will either agree to it or correct you on your understanding of the situation. Labeling is a good way to get people to open up and describe things in more depth and detail.

4. Pay attention to small cues and ask about them

Point out all the little things you notice. This includes any changes in their facial expressions, tonality, body language, etc. All of these non-verbal signs of communication can give you other messages that unspoken words may not.
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