5 B2B Appointment Setting Tips For Sales Reps

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When doing B2B appointment setting, knowing what to say and when to say it is crucial.
As a salesperson, you know how difficult it can sometimes be to set up that first meeting with a prospect.
Over the years, finding qualified prospects and closing deals has become challenging. This happens because of the following reasons:
  • increased competition
  • changes in the way people do research and make buying decisions
  • economic downturns
  • poor product-market fit
Knowing your target market well and setting clear objectives for your outreach strategy will help you get the best sales meetings for your business.

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What Is B2B Appointment Setting?

booked b2b sales meetings on Google calendar

Appointment setting is booking meetings with qualified leads to discuss your product.

B2B appointment setting consists not only of scheduling meetings but also of:


  • researching potential clients
  • conducting multi-channel sales outreach 
  • strategizing a follow-up messaging sequence
  • tracking meetings on your calendar

The main goal of appointment setting is to get those interested in your product to book a meeting to convert them.  

Different channels are used when doing appointment setting, including but not limited to:


  • LinkedIn
  • email
  • cold calling

Using a multi-channel approach helps you reach a wider audience and have a better chance of connecting with the right prospects. 

Who Does Appointment Setting?

b2b SDR setting up sales meeting

Different roles can do appointment setting within a sales department, such as: 


  • SDRs (Sales Development Representatives)
  • BDRs (Business Development Representatives)
  • AEs (Account Executives)

An outsourced sales team can also take care of the work for you. 


When you hire outsourced SDRs, all you end up doing is checking your calendar and showing up to the appointments with the prospects. 


Outsourced SDRs do the same thing as in-house sales teams. The only difference being they are typically recruited and paid by a third-party agency. 


If you are interested in learning more about how outsourced SDRs can help you grow your business, read our latest article

Importance Of B2B Appointment Setting

stat on b2b appointment setting and sales opportunities

Appointment setting plays a significant role in the sales process of every business as it provides more opportunities to close deals. 


It helps your business by keeping your sales pipeline filled with qualified leads at all times. 


Having a consistently filled sales pipeline helps SDRs focus on one task: closing deals.


The ultimate goal of every sales representative is to find quality leads, book meetings, and help drive revenue for the company.


And as you might wonder, appointment setting is an important part of this equation.


In the long run, it will help you have better control over the sales process, maintain strong communication with prospects, and improve customer experience.


In summary, the benefits of appointment setting are: 


  • saving time
  • increasing profits
  • improving relationships with prospects
  • maximizing efficiency  

B2B appointment setting allows you to focus on the most promising prospects, dedicate the necessary time to address each prospect’s needs, and plan better strategies to close more deals. 

5 B2B Appointment Setting Tips

Tip #1: Identify And Speak With Decision-Makers

You must ensure you are speaking with the right people in your target market. These should be prospects who have the authority to make purchasing decisions or can directly influence the decision-makers.
You identify the right decision-makers by doing the following:
  • Research your prospects to determine proper fit: We recommend looking into LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Events, and LinkedIn Job Search to find quality leads.
  • Prioritize your prospects based on these key four indicators (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeframe)

Once you have identified them, you build your messaging sequence. Make sure to focus on the pain points, the goals of your prospects, and how your product can help achieve those goals. Here’s an example:

messaging sequence example for B2B appointment setting

Tip #2: Be Flexible With The Script

Sometimes, salespeople make the mistake of sticking too closely to their script. It is inconvenient because it makes it harder to engage in a conversation, personalize the pitch, and build a genuine connection with the prospect.
It’s important to balance using the script to guide the conversation and being flexible to the prospect’s needs.
You become more flexible with the script when you:
  • Use the script as a guide, not reading it out word by word
  • Know how to improvise when the prospect raises a question out of the blue
  • Prepare to adjust your approach based on your prospect’s responses

Tip #3: Ask The Most Relevant Questions

It’s all about asking the right questions, knowing how to ask them, and when to ask them.
To start the conversation –
  • Are you in charge of _____ department within your company?
  • Have you ever experienced difficulties with (relevant problem)?
  • Would you tell me more about your organization’s goals?
  • What is the biggest pain point you are facing right now?
To follow up with more specific questions –
  • Are you currently using a platform/solution to tackle that pain point?
  1. If yes, what has been your experience so far?
  2. If not, then what are your top priorities when it comes to finding a solution?
  • What is your timeline for implementing a solution?
  • Do you have any budget restraints?
Ask them for clarification if you are unsure about something the prospect said. It shows you are interested in what they’re saying and helps you better understand their needs and concerns.

Tip #4: Be A Good Listener

being a good listener when doing b2b appointment setting

Salespeople listen to respond rather than listen to understand.


If you don’t listen, you will find yourself asking unnecessary questions, trying to understand what your prospect is trying to say.

How To Be A Better Listener When Doing Appointment Setting?

  1. Focus on what’s in front of you: Don’t focus too much on the future but on what you can do today for the prospect.
  2. Speak your prospect’s language: People need to know they are being heard and understood. To ensure this, speak in a way your prospects understand. Talk about things they are interested in, learn their tone of voice, and avoid jargon.
Remember, every good conversation starts with a good listener.

Tip #5: Show How The Product Will Provide Value

There are a few ways to show your prospects that your product will provide value:
  • Restate the prospect’s pain points and clearly explain how your product will help them overcome their challenges.
  • Focus on showing off your product’s benefits by using real examples from customers who have experienced similar issues.
  • Share a couple of customer testimonials, as they are a great way to demonstrate the value of your product.
It’s crucial to show prospects how your product works, how your product can help them solve specific problems and achieve their goals.

Want To Set Up More Qualified B2B Meetings In 2023?

Effective B2B appointment setting consists of the following:
  • having a clear understanding of your target audience
  • identifying the right decision-makers
  • asking relevant questions
  • showing how your product will provide value to your prospects

Setting up meetings with the right decision-makers takes a lot of time.


More and more companies are choosing to outsource their appointment setting tasks to cut down costs, improve their customer service, and operate more efficiently.


With FiveRings Marketing, you’ll just have to make sure to be prepared for your meetings, show up, and close deals.

Data Society needed help scaling its sales development efforts to book meetings with learning & development leaders and data scientists.

The target was 10 meetings per month and we averaged 20-23 meetings per month. Plus, we booked 23 qualified meetings within the first 2 months.

Book a meeting with one of our team members to learn more about our outsource lead generation, appointment setting, and dedicated SDR services.

Working with us is like having your own in-house team, but better.
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