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4 Steps To Create A B2B Ideal Customer Profile

You may have heard of buyer personas or ICP’s (ideal customer profile). For a basic understanding, we wrote an article about how to create buyer personas. But do you want to know the one easy process that will help you maximize your B2B ideal customer profile for sales? Do you want to know how to take advantage of using buyer personas to help you in selling to your prospects?

Try this unbeatable four-step process that will help you maximize your B2B ideal customer profile (ICP) aiding in customer-centric selling. You’ll understand what makes buyers want to buy from you, and how to strike that soft spot. You’ll be able to start applying what you’ve learned to your outreach messages and start seeing positive results once you understand your B2B ideal customer profile.

The 4-Step Process to Maximizing Your B2B Ideal Customer Profile

Animated graphic of buyer persona concept

1) Understand your B2B ideal customer profile.

The first step is getting to know your ideal customer profile and their biggest pain points. Use the resources available to you, such as searching up on Google or checking out this article to help you list out their biggest pain points. At this step, try to include everything that could be a challenge for them, regardless of whether or not your product can solve it for them yet.

2) Select the pain points your product can help solve.

After compiling a list of your ICP’s pain points, now go in and highlight the ones that your company can help alleviate. Out of x amount of pain points, now you have an idea of which ones your product can help solve. When you figure out the what, then you can figure out the how.

3) Benefits of relieving these pain points.

Paint a picture of how it would look like when the relevant pain points are resolved. What would this look like? Does solving the pain points ultimately save time? Or does it save effort and resources? Does it increase revenue instead?

Imagine a scenario of a domino effect where alleviating pain points results in a number of benefits and gains. What are all the positive possibilities that could happen once these pain points are relieved?

4) Understand the emotional value of the benefits gained.

Take the concept of the domino effect one step further and imagine what other positive changes could result from the benefits gained. Does saving time mean having the opportunity to work on their business and improve their product? Does your product provide this ICP with the peace of mind and relief of stress that they are covered and taken care of in a difficult area? Will your product provide them with the confidence they need to move forward with their other duties without additional headaches?

Hand drawing Customer concept with marker on transparent wipe board.

When you have completed this four-step process of optimizing your ICP, now you can apply them to your call scripts, LinkedIn messages and email outreach efforts. Mastering your B2B ideal customer profile enables you to resonate with your customers on a deeper level where they feel that you understand them. At the heart of selling, understanding your customer is the ultimate objective.

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