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At FiveRings Marketing we cater to your needs. Whether you need more meetings with decision-makers, want to test new markets, or increase brand awareness, we are here to help. We strive to help companies through our passion and experience. We do the heavy lifting by creating and executing tailored messages and lead lists to book meetings with decision-makers. All you have to do is close them.

You can read more about the brains behind the company below:

Nilofar Nikju

CEO and Co-founder
Nilofar can speak the language of both sales and marketing. She went to school for marketing but later found her passion in negotiation and persuasion, which lead her to sales. Being a top performer at her previous employments, she decided to spread her knowledge and skills amongst other companies. She founded FiveRings Marketing and primarily focused on social media ads, but later brought on a partner, Shaheem Alam, to grow their services into focusing on helping companies build and execute sales strategies.

When Nilofar gets time to herself, she enjoys spending that time with her nieces and nephews or going to the gym to beat her weight-lifting record, or simply going to the theatres and enjoying the popcorn.

Shaheem Alam

Shaheem established his skills in sales and management at an early stage of his life. He gathered his skills from door to door, cold calling, and email marketing to become one of the top performers at numerous companies, generating over $5 million in sales and managed teams of up to 30 sales reps.

He believes that to be able to book meetings with decision-makers, you must have a product that people want and continuously feed your pipeline with qualified leads. He joined FiveRings Marketing to share and execute his ideas and strategies amongst companies who he believes have tremendous potential for growth.

When he is not busy with the above, Shaheem attends car shows, car meets and runs one of Toronto’s largest enthusiast communities on Instagram (@torontocarspotters).


To be the go-to sales partner for B2B SaaS companies.


Book meetings with decision-makers.

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