4 Tips For Objection Handling (Video)

objection handling

4 Tips For Objection Handling (Video)

You can have the perfect product, presentation and personality, but to close a sale, you must master objection handling. Train yourself to look forward to objections, because no one makes a purchase without asking a few questions first.

Mastering Objection Handling Like a Pro

Tip #1: Close.

When you go for the close, this is when your prospect will bring up their real objections. If you don’t ask for the close, you’ll be left hanging with soft excuses.

Tip #2: Repetition.

Paraphrase the objection back to your customer to clarify that you really understand their objection. Doing this has three benefits:

  1. Repeating it back to them shows your customer that you care to listen and understand.
  2. It ensures that you do truly understand their objection.
  3. It gives you more time to think about your response.

Tip #3: Perspective.

Understand, validate and speak from the perspective of others. Your prospects need to be assured that you’re genuinely looking out for their best interest. Empathize with their standing so they feel like you are on their side. Putting yourself in the perspective of your customer is great for these three reasons:

  1. It shows that you agree and are also on their side.
  2. You validate their concerns by showing them that others also face the same experience.
  3. You can explain what others in their position found as the solution.

Tip #4: Close!

Your next step after handling all the questions and objections is to ask for the close. Move the conversation forward and always be closing! For some examples on how you can phrase this, check out this list of closing phrases. Ensure that you are leading the direction of the meeting, not your customer. With control over the process, you are more likely to complete the sale.

Remember to look forward to facing objections, because they are the last step before closing any sale.

4 tips for objection handling

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